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2015 --

Complete the share reform and renamed as Wuhan Huali Biomaterial Co., Ltd.

2014 --

“ECO KEEP” is elected to famous brand trademark in Wuhan. Huali is one the main organizers of demonstrative project of bio-based plastic products in Wuhan.


The self-owned brand “ECO KEEP” has been sold in Walmart in China. “ECO KEEP” and “Biopack” are the registered trademark of Huali.

 2010 --

The partners of Hubei pavilion in the Shanghai world expo.

The bio-based plastic products pass Chinese environment mark product certification.

 2009 --

Awarded OK Biobased certificate


Awarded high-tech enterprise

Awarded DIN CERTCO and OK COMPOST certificate

2006 --

Pass through both the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification

2004 --

The first batch of injection products launches successfully.

2002 --

 Wuhan Huali Biomaterial Company was registered.

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